As a lifeguard, it is your responsibility to make sure the swimmers on your watch remain safe regardless of the water depth or tide. You must enforce rules and keep a watchful eye, and if anything should happen to a swimmer on your watch, it is your job to jump in and rescue them. This 50" rescue tube helps you to do just that. It is designed so the person you're rescuing must hold onto the rescue tube while you use the towline to pull them back to the safety of land. If the swimmer is unable to hold on to the tube themselves, it can also be used to keep both of you afloat as you hold them and paddle your way towards land. Once the threat of drowning has been eliminated, it will become easier for you to put your energy into swimming.

This lifeguard tube measures 50" long by 6" wide by 4" thick. The edges are rounded to increase the overall durability of the tube regardless of the type of water it is being used in. The ends of the tube are tapered, which helps to reduce the drag against the water so it is easier to pull or push through the water. This ensures an easier swim back to shore or the edge of the pool plus a faster rescue time. In severe cases of drowning, each second counts, so the quicker the tube is able to be moved through the water, the better. Every red 50" rescue tube features bright white GUARD lettering on the front, while each yellow and orange 50" rescue tube feature blue GUARD lettering.